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Mark Anderton, Ph.D.

Director of Drug Safety
Mark Anderton is a Director of drug safety within the Oncology Safety department of AstraZeneca. He earned his PhD in Cancer Pharmacology and Toxicology at the MRC Toxicology Unit, Leicester. After his PhD, Mark joined Vertex Pharmaceuticals, UK where he gained experience in all aspects of drug discovery. In 2008, Mark joined the drug safety department of AstraZeneca where he has fulfilled roles as both a discovery and regulatory toxicologist leading the pre-clinical safety strategy within discovery and development phases. Marks current role is to lead an oncology safety combinations team that provide pre-clinical safety support to Oncology combinations. He passionate about developing capabilities and technologies that provide solutions to safety issues. One of Mark’s career successes at AstraZeneca has been his role in the discovery of the non-small cell cancer drug Tagrisso.